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DiningSix Concepts

DiningSix is a Danish restaurant group that was founded in 2010. Since its inception, the group has undergone significant growth and development. It all started in 2014 when a group of six friends, who are now partners in the company, had the opportunity to open their first restaurant, namely restaurant KöD, in Aarhus. This marked the beginning of their journey in the restaurant world, with a focus on providing a memorable dining experience.

In 2017, the group opened its fourth restaurant, and DiningSix was established as an operating company. Today, the company is behind several restaurant concepts, operating in Denmark, Norway, and England.


KöD (meat) is both the name and theme of our restaurants.

The dining experience is simple: Perfectly cooked steaks with delicious side orders, great wines of high quality, and last but not least: An atmosphere that makes you want to come back.


At Basso we invite our guests to join us on an Italian journey through a Social Dining Experience of 10 or 13 servings. Our guests have the opportunity to taste several different dishes and explore multiple taste impressions while having just one dinner.

Keyser Social

At Keyser Social, we want to explore Asian cuisine and all its facets with 10 and 13 servings. Based on the Far East and with references to Nordic cuisine, we make a virtue of serving food that is a delight for both eyes and taste buds. Thus, you can look forward to the flavors and colors of Asian cuisine combined with the delicious and fresh ingredients of the Nordic region.

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